First Floor Apartment

Beautiful Living Room
Welcome to the beautiful living room!
Through the door is one of the bedrooms.
This apartment has central air conditioning.
the smallest bedroom
This is the bedroom that you saw through the doorway.
It is the smallest of the bedrooms.
It makes a cozy office or a nice room for a small child.
the big kitchen
Here is the kitchen.
In this view you can see the microwave.
There is plenty of room for a table and chairs
Kitchen other view
This is a view of the kitchen from the other way.
The appliances here are refrigerator, gas stove, can opener,
dishwasher and garbage disposal
The front bedroom
This is the bedroom in the front of the house.
It has a beautiful hardwood floor.
Washer and dryer
Washer and dryer included, right off the kitchen.
There are two more bedrooms up the steps on the left of this picture.
To the right is a door to the driveway. The bathroom is to your left.
(It's hard to take a nice picture of a bathroom!
It is nice and fully functioning.)
This is one of the two bedrooms in the back of the house.
It has the larger closet.
This is the other bedroom.
Both are lovely and comfortable.
Here is the basement. It is a good place for storing holiday lights.
back to the front
Thank you for coming to see this apartment,
we'll see you back to the front door in the living room.
There is also a shady backyard and off-street parking. Rent is $1,600 a month plus utilities.
Please call us at 723 656-0855